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It is difficult to believe, but 20 years have gone by since DeVotchKa released its 2004 album, “How It Ends.” For many, this fourth full-length offering from the Denver-based foursome is a defining masterpiece. The rich blend of European strings and folksong stylings, punk instincts, and cinematic soundscapes woven throughout songs such as “You Love me,” “Twenty-Six Temptations,” and “Dearly Departed” continue to captivate listeners. Upon hearing the album on LA radio, the two filmmakers Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris fell in love with the songs and enlisted the group to create the score for their 2006 film, “Little Miss Sunshine.” The film garnered Academy Award recognition, and the score was nominated for a 2006 Grammy Award for “Best Compilation Soundtrack.”

“How It Ends” was created by taking multiple roadtrips to Tucson, AZ to work at Wavelab Studio (The Jayhawks, Calexico, Neko Case). The album’s parade of horns, strings, theremin, accordion, and piano was co-produced and engineered by Craig Shumacher, along with the group’s long-standing members Nick Urata, Tom Hagerman, Jeanie Schroder, and Shawn King. The original vinyl pressing, released independently via the band’s own label, Cicero Recordings, Ltd., has remained out of print for decades. Now, a newly remastered 20th anniversary reissue (out February 2024) stands as a testament to the band's timeless brilliance, ensuring that all of the emotive power of “How it Ends” will reach new generations of listeners.

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Saturday, August 10

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